Personal/Corporate Gift Development

  Designer Dan Violett (Owner) holds a BFA with Honors in Studio Arts.  He has developed design-intensive processes for producing handsome and covetable objects.  The work is completed using high tech and traditional means together.  Each piece is the result of a series of failures until perfection is finally achieved and ready for procurement.

  West Weathered uses several design collaborators such as Engineering Firms, Architects, and Interior Specialists to fit client's needs during the design stage of Home Decor and Corporate gift items.  W.W. has established working relationships with two different domestic manufacturers  capable of producing high-volume units made from Stainless Steel, Aluminum or other materials.  Clients are shown a fully finished reproduction before larger volumes are produced.  Please inquire be email for a short summary of the idea-to-finished service that W.W. offers.  W.W. delivers a tailored gift that will truly impress friends, family, employees, or clients.    

  Here are some examples of custom Corporate Gifts:

24" x 24" Metal Wall Sign.

24" x 20" Ranch Brand Metal Sign.

Custom Stainless Opener.

Custom Stainless Opener.

Advertisement Image R Bar Bozeman, MT.

45"x 22" Backlit Wall Sign.

Multi tool Siberian Coolers, Bozeman, MT.